Kim Fuller

Kim Fuller is Quebec’s civic group leader for Giving Tuesday. As a proud Montrealer, she’s excited to promote Giving Tuesday and support the organizations, companies and people who are participating or curious to learn more about the movement. Kim is founder of Phil, where since 1999 she has successfully helped hundreds of charities and foundations get their message to the masses and raise more money – to do good, even better. Her experience working with local, national and international charities combines over 20 years in graphic design, multimedia, online marketing and fundraising, with a lifelong passion for volunteering in the community.

Jason Goudy

Jason has worked with many charities in Quebec over the years, including LeaderImpact, helping people develop their leadership from a holistic perspective. He is excited to help share stories of generosity and impact from the belle province and to inspire others to do the same. He believes that when communities, charities, businesses and individuals come together around the giving of themselves, this builds greater unity, serves those in need and ultimately transforms lives.

Marie-Claude Gratton

Marie-Claude has more than 20 years of experience in fund development and communications. She gained her know-how while working for small, medium and larger-sized nonprofits from different sectors in Alberta and Québec. She covered a variety of roles at these nonprofits, including research, writing, donor relations, fund development programs and communications.
​​Marie-Claude is passionate about nonprofit organizations and their success, motivating her to share her knowledge with them and give back to the community. Finding solutions is what drives her!

Catherine Moisan

Catherine has 10 years of experience in communications, event planning, writing and editing of various materials, as well as managing websites and social media. Her strengths and areas of specialty include writing, event planning and organization, as well as new technologies. Organized and exceptionally efficient, Catherine is always smiling and has a terrific sense of humour! She is authentic and instantly puts people at ease. Always ready to embark on new adventures, Catherine is well equipped to help Québec’s non profit organisations!

Rina Albala

Rina has a proven track record for developing and executing integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns across digital, social, and traditional mediums. She is a great bilingual communicator who is always working on different projects simultaneously, because she loves a good challenge and has imagination to spare. Whether it is supporting entrepreneurs and organizations or analyzing digital data and forecasting marketing trends, Rina offers her unique insight and positive outlook on life with every strategy and plan she crafts. A dedicated volunteer with Marché fermier du Vieux Saint-Lambert, Moms for Milk, Cœliaque Québec, and QuebecGives, Rina believes that raising awareness for non-profits is the best kind of marketing out there!

Aurelia Talvela

Having an MA in Communications, a heightened sense of curiosity and an uncanny ability to oversee multiple projects without losing sight of the finish line, Aurelia is a multilingual communicator with mad skills. She is ultra-efficient at drilling down through the layers and juggling multiple responsibilities as our account supervisor all the while making sure that everyone involved feels supported. Her strong commitment to social justice and her research experience at Concordia University’s Intersectionality Research Hub, has driven Aurelia to analyze social issues through the lens of Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI).