Although brother and sister Matthew and Lauren no longer live in Montreal, they felt compelled to help St. Michael’s Mission following a Montreal Gazette article reporting that one of Montreal’s longest-running homeless shelters, also known as The Red Roof Shelter, was in dire straits.


The Mission serves the poor and homeless in Montreal’s urban core. They provide critical services like light breakfasts, soup lunches, shower facilities with soap, towels, razors, clean clothing, and aid in completing welfare and unemployment insurance applications.

They quickly set up a GoFundMe page to collect money in order to help this organization stay afloat while the appropriate funding bodies would hopefully come through. They also encouraged people to donate directly on the shelter’s site.

Montrealers stepped up and Lauren and Matt were totally blown away by their friends and family’s generosity and support for the Montreal homeless shelter.


In just a few short weeks they were able to raise $2,638!

Along with their efforts, The Montreal Gazette article helped the shelter raise a sizable amount of money, tens of thousands of dollars, from different funding sources. As a result, they have been able to keep their doors open and are working on securing permanent, long-term funding.

“This effort reminded us how lucky we are to have a roof over our head, know our next meal (or snack) is not far off, and that we are surrounded by truly remarkable people.” said Lauren and Matthew.

Congratulations to these amazing Montrealers-at-heart, for taking this initiative. We’re so proud of you – and happy for St. Michael’s.